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Quick Tips Before Your Next Pedicure!

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Whether you’re new to pedicures or a veteran of the salon, there are a few tips for your tootsies you should keep in mind.

1. The very first step is: Making sure you know your salon!

If you are diabetic and require special care, contact your salon and make sure they provide the special care you need to maintain proper foot health. If you are scheduling an appointment, go for the earliest times in the day. The foot baths tend to be the cleanest at the earliest hours. If this is not possible, contact your salon and make sure they clean and filter the baths between each client.

2. On the same note of sanitization: Make sure the salon properly sanitizes their utensils.

One way to avoid the guessing game is to bring your own tools for the technicians to work with. Some salons may even allow you to purchase brand new tools at their facility. If you are bringing your own tools and you plan on also getting a manicure, make sure you bring separate tools for your manicure as bacteria and fungus can shift between fingers and toes.

3. If you know you are about to get a pedicure: Resist the urge to go in with freshly shaven legs.

A fresh shave or any small cuts on your legs can allow bacteria to enter. When the technician asks how you want your toenails shaped, make sure you avoid getting a rounded shape. This shape increases your chances of painful ingrown toenails forming.

4. Another thing to keep in mind, no matter how much you may think you need it: Avoid having the technician use a foot razor to get rid of your dead skin.

In the chance the technician misuses the foot razor, permanent damage can occur and can easily cause infection if too much of your skin is removed.

These are some helpful tips to keep in mind for your next spa visit!

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