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5 Helpful Tips on Diabetic Foot Care You Can Try at Home

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Diabetes is a growing problem in the modern world. More than 100 million Americans are now believed to suffer this disease. Amongst its many consequences, kidney failure, strokes and heart disease are all widely recognized.

However, another major health problem concerns reduced blood circulation. As such, this can result in a diminished ability of the body to fight infections. This often leaves the feet and legs more exposed to health complications.

Our Top 5 Diabetic Foot Care Tips You Can Do at Home

Below, we look at five simple tips which can help prevent long-term health problems affecting your feet.

Keeping Your Feet Clean and Healthy

Maintaining high standards of hygiene goes a long way towards staying in good health. Not only should you regularly wash, ensuring your feet are kept dry and cool will prevent bacteria building up and causing infections.

Checking Your Feet Regularly

When washing and drying your feet, you should also pay attention to their general condition. This includes the sole which will require either a mirror or someone to assist you. Problems to be vigilant for include:

  • Signs of redness or discoloration
  • Swelling and inflammations
  • Blisters
  • Rashes
  • Cuts or sores

The reason this becomes more important is due to potential nerve damage. Poor circulation will often result in less sensation of numbness and mild pains. Therefore, early signs of potential problems are typically visible before they are felt for diabetes sufferers.

Keeping Diabetic Feet Healthy

As a part of this, it’s good practice to visit a foot specialist (Podiatrist) at least once per year. This will provide a safeguard against any problems slowly developing undetected.

Wearing Properly Supportive Footwear

If poor circulation is a problem, wearing restrictive footwear will only serve to exasperate this. Shoes providing wide toe areas and flat soles are preferable to placing fashion over function. Likewise, shoes which will make your feet sweat are also a poor choice.

You can still wear high heels or other tight-fitting shoes, however, you should avoid doing so for long periods. This can be helped by carrying an additional, comfortable change of shoes with you to formal events.

Keep Your Feet Moving

When sitting, you should always avoid crossing your legs. Similarly, on a chair which is too low can also have a negative effect. For people who spend much of the day sitting for work, stretching exercises will be of huge benefit. This can include stretching your feet and wiggling your toes.

diabetic foot care tips

General stretching exercises of your upper body will also help as this will result in increased circulation throughout your entire body. Equally as important, you should look to take a short walk during regular intervals across the day.

Following Correct Compression and Elevation Strategies

The use of compression socks may seem outdated, however, they’re still an effective tool to use. By causing your legs to contract, they will stimulate blood flow through your lower body. Another old remedy which can be employed is simply raising your legs.

This needs only be as little as six to twelve inches to have a positive effect. Another useful tip is to elevate your legs slightly while sleeping. This can be easily done using a pillow to support your feet.

Contact Us for Professional Diabetic Foot Care

If you are generally worried about your level of personal health, make pro-active lifestyle choices. Everyone is already aware of the many benefits which come from a better diet. Cutting down on the amount of tobacco and alcohol you consume will also drastically help.

But while everyone is aware of this, few people actually manage to make sustained changes to their habits. Therefore, small, incremental changes are far better than wholesale adjustments. It is also much better to begin making these changes of your own accord rather than waiting until a doctor heavily recommends making them.

caring for diabetic feet

If you are worried about the health of your feet, make an appointment now with a certified foot expert. Not only will you receive impartial advice, but you can also learn more simple tricks which will keep you healthy.

Keeping your feet healthy and happy is far easier and far less expensive than tackling developed problems. Keep putting your best foot forward by acting responsibly now.

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