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Don’t Let Foot Care Be Your Achilles Heel

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soak your feet daily

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. Without healthy feet, we find ourselves susceptible to a number of different challenges and health complications. From instability to fungal infections, proper foot care can make the difference between a happy and healthy or a difficult new year.

Make the most of 2017 by making proper foot care a major priority. Happy feet make for a happier life. Keeping your feet supple, smooth and strong can help you with everything from wearing the latest footwear to keeping up with a more rigorous cardio regimen. Keep your feet strong from your achilles to your toes and avoid costly foot surgery in 2017.

Tips for Foot Health

feet-soakSoak Your Feet – Soaking your feet weekly, if not daily, can help keep your feet not only smooth, but clean from bacteria and fungus.

Treat yourself to a nice relaxing 10-15 minute foot soak to keep your feet healthier.

All that is needed is a tub or warm water. As an added benefit, you can use essential oils such as olive oil or rose oil to give your feet an extra glisten.

Be sure that your water is soft, if not purified, as hard warder will actually dry out the skin.

Give Your Feet a Scrub – A foot scrub after a soak will help to keep your smooth and address any dry, or callused skin. Using any foot or facial scrubs on damp feet will help keep your feet attractive and ready for the beach.

Let Your Feet Breathe – Containing your feet in shoes or even socks all day is a recipe for dirty feet and potentially athlete’s foot if feet are left damp and dirty for too long. Taking off your socks and shoes when you get home from work or a lengthy workout will ensure that your feet are able to properly dry after a long day.

Foot Exercises for Stronger Feet

exercise help healthy footKeeping your feet strong and flexible is the best way to prevent serious injuries or even instability from weaker feet.

Minor falls and twists will be less likely to turn into painful ankle sprains and costly foot surgeries if you maintain proper foot care with a regular foot exercise regimen.

Foot Flexes and Rotations – Regularly flexing and rotating the foot from a seated or lying down position will help promote foot and ankle strength and mobility. Simply float the foot in the air and perform regular repetitions of moving the foot forward and back by pointing the toes away from you and flexing them towards you as well as fully rotating the foot both clockwise and counterclockwise. These exercises can be done while working or even watching television at home.

Toe Presses – From a standing position, put both feet together. Then step one foot back and begin applying pressure on the toes and ball of the foot. Hold this stretch for a few counts and repeat on the other side. This stretch will help strengthen the bottom of the foot.

Band Pulls – By wrapping an elastic band around a heavy, stable object (desk, chair, table) patients can utilize the resistance of the band to stretch and strengthen their heels. Sit in front of the band and place your foot within the loop of the band. Place yourself at a far enough distance to create a little bit of tension when you hold up your foot. Pull back your foot and hold for a few seconds. Repeat for a few reps and switch to the other foot. This stretch helps strengthen multiple parts of the foot, ankle and achilles tendon to help with stiffness or weakness.

Keep your feet happy and healthy in 2017 with a regular foot care routine. Contact your local Dallas, DeSoto or Sunnyvale podiatrist for more foot care tips.

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