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Advanced Treatments for Nail Fungus & Heel Pain

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Sometimes it seems from talking with my patients that the most common ailments are the most stubborn and least likely to be treated. Why is that?

Grandma had bunions and corns she complained about, and they were with her until the end.

Grandpa had toenail fungus: You can still recall the brittle, yellow, thickened nails when you examined his feet at the beach.

Well, it may be too late for Grandma and Grandpa but I’ve got news for my current patients:

There are now sophisticated treatments for these age-old afflictions, and they are effective.

The Dreaded Toenail Fungus of Dallas

Let’s begin with toenail fungus, technically onchymycosis— which was always thought to be as inevitable as plane crash. (Actually, it affects about one in ten people; it’s common in public pools, showers, gyms, and nail salons.)

You’ve probably already tried a few therapies– such as the nail polish you paint on each evening, and then hope like Cinderella for something magical to happen; or the oral medication you ingest faithfully for years before finally giving up. (This treatment has possible side effects, which is why blood tests are necessary on a regular basis as long as you’re taking the meds.)

There’s a reason these therapies don’t work well. Toenail fungus actually lives in the dead skin between your toe and the nail. It’s difficult to attack something so well protected.

Now there’s a newer, more sophisticated treatment for onchymycosis: laser treatment. The Cutera Genesis Plus Laser is FDA-approved for treating nail fungus. This method involves shooting a laser light beneath the infected nail.

laser toenail fungus treatment in Dallas office

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment in Dallas

The warm energy from the laser kills the fungus. Because nails grow slowly, results can take anywhere from six to twelve months.

Generally we recommend 1-3 treatments, each treatment session takes 20 to 40 minutes. More about laser toenail fungus treatment.

Doctor, My Foot Hurts . . . .

Another ailment shared by many people is foot pain. The human foot is a marvelous piece of engineering– which is part of the problem. Pain could be caused by plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, arthritis, or a host of other issues– most involving nerve impingement (where a bodily structure or inflammation starts to pinch one of the nerves).

One new treatment uses radio waves to treat heel pain.

heel pain treatment with radio friquency

Radio frequency (RF) therapy is already common for treating various ailments. Now it’s being applied to the foot, with excellent results.

RF therapy for heel pain uses an electrical current produced by radio waves to disrupt pain signals. This therapy is safe and effective, and there are no side effects. No hospitalization is needed.

We perform RF therapy for heel pain right here in our Dallas clinic.

It’s an unfortunate fact that foot pain often has a disproportionate effect on our patients’ lives. Nobody feels like running, playing tennis or dancing when it hurts even to walk. Although these ailments may seem trivial (nobody ever died from a bunion, it’s true), some of our patients confess that they are gaining weight, feeling depressed, and generally taking less pleasure in daily activities because of simple problems that now have a cure.

If you are a victim of one of these seemingly minor– but majorly annoying– complaints, call our Dallas clinic to schedule an appointment.

Let’s get started on helping your feet feel good again.

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