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VST MyoDynamic Stimulation

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I would like to tell you about a treatment option known as VST MyoDynamic® Stimulation which is available to you right in my office.

This electrical stimulation technology has emerged to combat several musculoskeletal ailments.  Patients who suffer from perifpheral neuropathy, soft tissue injuries, strains/sprains, and other conditions have been treated with the VST MyoDynamic Stimulation therapy successfully.  Best of all this treatment option is non-surgical, non-painful, and is covered by most insurance plans.

Or peripheral neuropathy is a debilitating condition usually caused by diabetes mellitus.  The previous treatment regimen for this condition has been life-long medications or surgical intervention.  The VST helps by increasing blood circulation 8-10 times above the normal levels in the feet.  This, in turn, decreases swelling inside the affected nerves, increases blood flow to the nerves, and unlocks the lymph system and local capillaries.  All of these changes provide fantastic pain relief.


Musculoskeletal ailments including post-operative recovery, strains, joint pain, and plantar fasciitis can also be improved from this new technology.  Electrical stimulation improves the injured nerves and soft tissue resolving the problem.
TENS units work by blocking the pain without improving the condition itself.  The VST MyoDynamic accelerates the healing process.  It also appears to overcome the natural inhibitory arc forced by the body during trauma, injury, or the healing process.

Ask us today if the VST MyoDynamic® Stimulation is right for you!

Benefits os the VST MyoDynamic Stimulation

  • Increased local blood circulation
  • Muscle Re-education
  • Prevention of disuse atrophy
  • Increases range of motion
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation