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Preventing Athlete’s Foot: Not Just a Concern for Athletes

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Despite the name, athletes are certainly not the only people that should be concerned about this sneaky fungal infection. According to the National Institute of Health, anywhere from 15-25 percent of people are suffering from Athlete’s Foot at a given time. It all comes down to habit.

If you don’t take the proper steps to avoid fungus, you put yourself at a high risk for Tinea Pedis, or Athlete’s Foot. It all starts with the proper awareness of what even causes this fungus in the first place in order to prevent getting Tinea Pedis all together.

Causes of Athlete’s Foot

Doctor dermatologist examines the foot on the presence of athlete’s foot

Because Athlete’s Foot can spread to other parts of the body and people, prevention is key. Awareness is the most effective way to prevent this pesky foot fungus from scaling and blistering your feet or worse.

Athlete’s Foot derived its name from the correlation between fungus growth and the warmth, darkness and humidity of an athlete’s shoe. These three factors – heat, darkness and humidity – are what allow fungus to grow. However, it’s not just athletes that are at risk. Facilities such as pools, showers, spas, locker rooms and restrooms are common sites for fungal contractions. Fungus will also develop when bags and shoes that get damp from sweat or water, are left in inclosed, dark or humid places without getting the proper time to dry.

Preventing Athlete’s Foot

Having an understanding of what circumstances promote fungal growth is the first step in preventing Tinea Pedis. It gives athletes and everyone else the awareness that certain activities and environments will put them at risk of getting athlete’s foot.

Fungus can latch on to your body at anytime but having the knowledge of which situations foster potentially harmful fungus, helps prevent people from ignoring the risks associated with excessive exposure to damp, humid atmospheres.

Solutions and Treatment Options for Athlete’s Foot

Avoiding the damp will put a stamp on Athlete’s Foot. Wearing a fresh pair of shoes and socks each day will keep your feet dry and eliminate the risk of Athlete’s Foot. Thicker socks that can absorb moisture will also aid in fungus prevention. Shoes that are airy and breathable will more effectively filter out moisture. For athletes or people that experience consistent shoe dampness, altering shoes each day can allow each pair the proper time to dry before use. The use of Talcum powder will also help manage dampness and perspiration.

If you do happen to contract Athlete’s Foot, there are some of the most effective treatment options in the Dallas area. Consult with your local Dallas podiatrist to come up with the best treatment plan for your unique concerns. Infinity Foot and Ankle provides three convenient locations, DeSoto, Sunnyvale and Dallas, for its Texas patients to receive podiatric services.

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