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Foot Care For Diabetics

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Due to the lack of blood flow that patients suffering from diabetes face, proper blood flow to their extremities, especially feet, is of the utmost importance. A simple scratch, cut or blister on the foot can turn into a major issue for diabetics. Making foot care and health a very important component of their overall health and wellness routine.

Foot care for diabetics is more than just aesthetics. It takes more than just regimented foot care, but rather careful consideration and examination at all times.

Not only is foot strength importance, but diabetics are vulnerable to more foot health issues than the average patient. From diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) to major infections that require amputation, those suffering from diabetes can never be too careful with the health of their feet.

The Risk of Insufficient Foot Care

As less blood flow is a major side effect of diabetes, providing your feet with the proper nutrients and healing that they require can be quite a task for diabetes patients. This often leaves diabetics with a numbness in their feet that makes it easier to forget about the state that their feet are in.

From serious punctures to the buildup of pesky nail fungus, foot care can often go overlooked, however, this seemingly small oversight can cause serious repercussions for diabetics. Something as small as a pebble in a diabetics shoe, can go unnoticed for some time and eventually cause a blister or a puncture in the foot. This small puncture is more likely to become infected because people with diabetes do not have sufficient blood flow to prevent infections and once the foot becomes infected, the lack of blood flow becomes an even greater concern with the spreading and severity of the infection likely to be more serious than those without diabetes. This is why it so important to make foot care part of your daily routine if you have diabetes.

Daily Diabetic Foot Care Regimen

Diabetic Feet Need Extra Vigilance

  • Continue to maintain a healthy blood glucose level to ensure that blood flow to the feet is less of a concern.
  • Do everything in your power to quit smoking. Regular tobacco use can negatively affect your body’s ability to have a healthy blood flow which in tandem with your diabetes can become an issue for your extremities.
  • Wear socks around the house to keep warm as numbness can affect your ability to judge the temperature of your feet. Heat pads and bottles are also hard to judge the temperature and whether or not they are too hot for your feet.
  • Keep your feet dry and fresh as best as possible to avoid nail fungus. Regularly change your sox and shoes to keep your feet healthy and clean.
  • Trim your nails carefully by leaving some extra room. Cutting the nails too close can lead to an accidental puncture or a painful ingrown toenail that can easily become infected.
  • Corns and calluses are more likely to become painful ulcers for diabetics. Do not attempt to trim your corns or calluses to prevent unnecessary ulcers that can become infected. Instead, enlist the services of your podiatrist to take care of your corns and calluses professionally.
  • Wash your feet daily and make sure to dry them thoroughly to prevent fungus.
  • Exercise is important to maintain a healthy blood flow. Be sure to not overdo your exercises and create any blisters, calluses, ulcers or other foot issues if your feet are not feeling up to the task.
  • It is a must to have a regular podiatrist that can guide you through your journey of diabetic foot care. Consult with your podiatrist any time you have a cut or sore on your feet to diagnose and treat any infections as early as possible.

Establish a Relationship with a Trusted Dallas Podiatrist

At Infinity Foot and Ankle we serve the needs of many diabetic patients. We understand the care that is required to keep those with diabetes healthy and active by establishing proper foot care routines and addressing even the most minor of concerns with the utmost importance. Contact our office to give your feet the care they deserve.

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