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How to Relieve Heel Pain & Recover Faster

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How to Relieve Heel Pain

Is a pain in your heel proving to be a real pain in the neck? Are you currently suffering from chronic heel pains? Do aches and cramps persistently wear you down? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone.

Heel pain is something which affects the majority of adults across America. But such discomfort does not have to be a long-lasting hindrance to your daily life.

5 Ways to Relieve Your Heel Pain & Lessen Your Recovery Time

Read on to explore some of the many ways you can ease the irritation and return harmony to your feet.

Get Lots of Rest and Recuperation for Heel Pain Recovery

The most reliable recovery method is to take time out and allow your body to heal naturally. This means taking the weight off your feet and resisting the urge to rush your rehabilitation.

While this may be an effective way to heal your heel, it’s often an option which is not practical. Yet you must still look to strike a balance which allows for periods of rest within your regular schedule.

recovering from heel pain

It is also highly recommended to choose the correct type of footwear to support your feet. This will depend upon exactly what ailment is causing you the pain. But if you are intending to move around, doing so with the correct support is essential.

Use Ice Baths to Relieve Heel Pain

A quick, cheap and effective way to naturally accelerate the healing process is using ice. The aim of this is to both numb pain levels and reduce the swelling. Most people opt to use ice in the form of a cold press.

However, an ice bath is a highly effective way to quickly achieve the same result. This method is not for everyone though. It is best attempted only if you can stand the sudden drop in temperature.

Increase Blood Circulation to Your Heel

A series of stretching exercises will increase blood flow and aid the recovery process. Furthermore, this will help strengthen your muscles. Therefore, this can enable your body to build better protection for the future.

As a word of caution, the wrong type of exercises can seriously waylay recovery and aggravate existing problems. Because of this, you should always seek advice from trained specialized physiotherapists.

Tips to Recover from Heel Pain

A heel injury can be caused in several different ways and affect different muscle groups. Therefore, you should use a professional diagnosis as the blueprint for a bespoke action plan.

Applying the Graston Technique

Inflammation is not the only problem to build up in your heel. Scar tissue will also be hidden beneath the surface. Part of the recovery process involves the scar tissue being slowly broken down and replaced.

While regenerating new tissue can’t be easily sped up, breaking down the old can. The Graston technique uses a combination of metal instruments and massages to gently rub the skin.

This aids the scar tissue breakdown and also helps assess the condition of your feet. Only to be carried out by trained practitioners, this is a proven way to hasten recovery.

Supplement Your Diet to Heal Your Body Faster

Everyone knows that a good diet leads naturally to a healthy lifestyle. Adding some carefully chosen vitamins and food types will also push your body back to its peak. From Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil and certain drinks) to vitamin B5 and magnesium.

top ways to relieve heel pain

There are many beneficial additives which can be taken. Equally important is to avoid the wrong foods. This primarily includes high levels of sodium chloride (salt) and unsaturated fats.

Generally speaking, this means staying away from convenience food such as ready meals. It may seem inconvenient to get back in the kitchen, however, immobility from heel pain is far more inconvenient.

Book Your Heel Pain Consultation

If you have been suffering heel problems for an extended period of time, contact our office. If heel pains are proving more problematic than seems normal, don’t rely upon self-medication.

Reach out to us today to book a consultation or appointment to deal with your heel pain before the problem gets worse.

We can also advise you on recovery and how to speed this process up so you can get back on your feet in less time! For more information, visit our homepage or give us a call at 972-274-5708.

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