Radio Waves for Treatment

One treatment that’s being used with success is called Radio Frequency (RF) therapy. If the pain has not been relieved by physical therapy or special-fitting shoes, the doctor may suggest RF therapy.

This treatment uses electrical current produced by radio waves to disrupt nerve function.

The heat from the electric current dulls the pain signals coming from the nerve.

RF therapy is safe and effective and has a good history of treating foot pain. No permanent damage is done to the nerve.

RF therapy takes place in the doctor’s office or clinic. No hospitalization is required; local anesthesia might be given at the injection site. Your doctor may first decide to stimulate certain nerves in the foot, to determine exactly which nerves are causing the problem.

The doctor then inserts a needle (or multiple needles) to administer the radio waves. The RF current heats the nerve to 80-90 degrees Celsius for roughly a minute and a half.

Patients often report a slight soreness afterward at the site of injection. The foot or heel bone may feel numb or weak; there may be some itching where the treatment was applied. These symptoms are temporary and should dissipate within a few weeks.